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As an extension of traditional video surveillance into wireless transportation environments, Smart Secure Tech mobile onboard surveillance systems offer both analog and IP solutions and a wide range of selected products to fit your specific needs. Designed for the harsh environmental challenges of vibration, dust and varying temperatures, the systems feature market-proven performance and keep forensic evidence for situations such as pickpocketing and traffic accidents.

Should an incident be reported that requires investigation, system operators can access footage wirelessly via cellular networks, directly from the mobile video recorders, and view any recorded footage instantly in a monitoring center. The records can also be exported to law enforcement agencies for further investigation. Additionally, abnormal driving behaviors can be detected by onboard network cameras and drivers can be alerted in real time, protecting them from potential incidents.

And Smart Secure Tech goes beyond records and evidence by empowering its mobile products for intelligent applications such as facial recognition and people counting, which help facilitate operations with powerful, visualized data.